Sleuth: Shades of Mystery - Subscription FAQ


By becoming a paying subscriber to Sleuth, you are helping to keep Sleuth running and growing. Thanks for your support.

Sleuth is an evolving game. When you purchase a subscription, you get the right to enjoy future updates throughout the length of your subscription. You also agree to abide by the rules of the game and accept any future rule changes enacted by Hypothetical Software.


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What do I get for subscribing?

Paying Subscribers...

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What if I pay my subscription fee, but then my detective is retired?

If your detective with an active subscription builds up too many false accusations and is retired, you have two options for continuing to use your subscription:

  1. You may bring your detective out of retirement with significant penalties to your statistics and experience. -or-
  2. You may transfer the time remaining on your subscription to a new detective.
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What happens if the game server is down and unplayable?

While we do everything we can to make sure Sleuth is up and running as often as possible, sometimes server outages and downtime are unavoidable. Our policy is, for every day on which the game server has more than 10% downtime, all current subscribers will have their subscriptions extended by a full day.

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What if the server is up, but I can't reach the game?

Hypothetical Software is not responsible for ensuring network connectivity between our clients and the game server. Outages to our ISP provider will be treated the same as server downtime (see question 4).

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Will I be kicked out of my Detective Agency when my subscription ends?

No. While you must be a paying subscriber to join or form a detective agency, you are not required to keep your subscription up, in order to stay in an Agency.

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How do I get customer service on my paid account?

Paying subscribers can get customer service by sending email to or by sending a Sleuth Mail message to a game administrator.

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