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The Order of Socrates

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NPC City Leader Title: High Philosopher

PC Leader Title: Philosopher Marshall

Message to the People:

Knowledge is power. Through knowledge, that masterful tool, we come to understand our world. We are great possessors, the great enlighteners. Those who truly wish to know, look to us for the path. We provide this path freely, to all noble seekers.

But some do not understand. Truly, these are the dark times, where cold machinery fuels our endeavors, but enlightenment does not guide our hands. It is our aim to fix this, to carry mankind forward into the light of a new dawn, where the superstitions and lies of the old world are relegated to the past.

We are a peaceful group, though some would call this a lie. The lie, sadly, is not our doing, but is a product of misdeeds performed by the "Children of Thought." They are children indeed, our least members in the thrall of childish brutality. As strongly as we invite you, we advise you to repel them.

This is our credo, our oath to the new world, to serve and to guide:

May Enlightened Minds Prevail.

The Order of Socrates

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