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Excerpt from City News article:

Murder on 22nd street
By Terrence Zorn

Last night, amid the hustle and bustle of a normal New York Friday night, 22 members of the notorious Scarpetta Mob were ruthlessly gunned down. The attack took place at Joe's Diner on 22nd street in Manhattan and left no survivors, according to police.

Jack Scarpetta and his lieutenants, all of whom are now counted among the lost, were a splinter group of the notorious La Cosa Nostra, the city's prevailing crime syndicate. Witness reports are sketchy, but police say that all 22 men were killed by gunfire from Thompson machine guns, also known as Tommy Guns.

"Well, they had it coming," said Police Chief O'Leary. The police chief went on to add that there was one single set of footprints leading into and out of the bloody diner on 22nd street. Police refused to speculate on the identity of this man.

Sources within the La Cosa Nostra itself seemed more than glad to express their joy at the 'convenient' death of their renegades.

"Jackie and his boys were doomed from the minute they stepped away from us," said Dona Isabella Santanelli. "It's sad to know that if they'd stuck with us, we'd have protected 'em like everybody else. Well, accidents happen."

Accidents indeed. The police are investigating the crime but do not expect to find the killer.

"It's the damnedest thing," said O'Leary, "The guy's footprints go in the front door, out through the kitchen and then stop dead in the middle of alleyway. It's like he just flew away!"

The only comment on this came from the La Cosa Nostra itself.

"Dere are a lotta weird things dat happen in this city. You can never have too much protection."

La Cosa Nostra

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