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The Green Hand

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NPC City Leader Title: Guardian General

PC Leader Title: Guardian Brother/Sister

This message was sent to the city call, care of an unnamed carrier who could not be located afterward. The message was written in greenish ink on a cured leather-like material of unknown origins. The text of the message is as follows:

The Garden is life. The Garden is All. The Sacred will overcome the defiler, that which is industry and metropolitan existence. The Natural is the only Truth, and the Truth will be heard. Your infection will be purged.

The Green Hand clutches your feeble world. Green fluid soaks the ground, bringing life, the blood of those crushed between our fingers.

We are everywhere.

Postscript: Originally, this letter was sent to the mayor of London, Barnabas Fox, but opened by an aide, as per normal procedure. Said aide expired within the hour from a disease that turned his flesh bright green and his lips, eyes and teeth a yellowish-brown hue. Police sources have tied this group to many recent threats to cities across the globe.

The Green Hand

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