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Dies Arcanum Brotherhood

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NPC City Leader Title: Bishop

PC Leader Title: Father/Mother Inquisitor

Through history we have guided your steps in the great journey of man to God. Our hand is swift, our justice uncompromising. This is the nature of the Brotherhood, the protectors of God's holy words.

But are we the witch-burners, you ask? No, we are not those fools. We burn neither witches nor books. We are not the torturers. We are the inquisitors, the overseers of morality, and the punishers of hypocrites. Our mortal allies are all good men of faith. Our only enemies are the sinner and the secular mind. Those who would remove God from the minds of men are perhaps our greatest enemy. We will prevail, though, for our side carries the mightiest ally, the holder of the One Truth.

Our Oath:

Oh Lord, ask you to guide my hand in this time of sin. Let me be your conduit, so that I might make right the wrongs of the world. Let my hand graze lightly the brow of the righteous and scald those of sinners. Let thy burning eye turn upon the heart of evil and see in me a product of thy own grace.

In nomine Patris, et Filii, et Spiritus Sancti


Dies Arcanum Brotherhood

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