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Detective Tabby is what u can call me. I was about to be the head of my state's Police Department, when this thing happened. A case which I gave to one of our my secret detective where he accused this young guy for the murder of his friend. We caught him even though he persistently kept insisting he's innocent. But I had more faith on my detective than myself and kept on pressurizing him to accept his crime. Then one morning as I entered my office I heard that this young guy has committed suicide coz of the injustice he has faced. Ahhh it was a real shock for me as I knew a murderer would never kill himself rather he would kill others to save his own skin. Again I started investigating the case where I got a few evidences which pointed towards somebody else as the real murderer. I could not believe it that my negligence and blind-faith has actually led an innocent guy towards his death. I decided that very moment to quit my high-profile job and decided to work for a better cause.

And yes my motive for joining as a detective is not to just catch a murderer, but more importantly to save the innocents from becoming the victim of our corrupt scenario in the administration.

So I quit Police-force and took the name of that innocent guy, who was victim coz of the prevalence of corruption in our Department and society, so that his soul gets some peace watching that his suicide has done some good for the society.

His name was Red, Really Red, and so now I am Really Red (instead of my real name) and now each-time I catch a murderer and save innocents I look up at the sky seeking an apology from him and saying --- look Red I 'll never ever let any other innocent become a second
Really Red..................................

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