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Being a sticky beak is what a journo's life is all about & I am damn good at it. So good that the newspaper couldn't handle me when I began looking into their own corrupt practices.

After 2 weeks of being holed up in my unit I was running out of money so I was listlessly paging through the job ads wearing my pink & purple stripped longjohn 1 piece footie jammies with the hatch in the back. I really should have paid the heating bill, but hey, it's a whole lot warmer when using the loo in this getup.

As I was saying I was looking thru the job ads when one caught my eye. WANTED - PRIVATE DETECTIVE - Life experience necessary - must pass a police check - must be versatile with disguises, must be more curious than a cat, more nimble footed than a cat burglar, drive any vehicle & able to shoot a no good roo eating up the back paddock while standing on the porch - NO detective training necessary if you are right for us we will train you OUR way.

'Well Well' I thought 'all the skills that mama told me would make me an old maid who couldn't earn enough money to keep myself', are staring me in the face - 'that job is MINE' I decided.

I dug through an old trunk from college that we used for drama classes and found myself the ideal outfit & made a time to attend an interview.

I entered the office in an old rain coat and hat with my hair in pigtails tucked up under a salt & pepper wig carrying a cane over my arm. "I'm here to apply for the job" I told the bloke just coming out of the office. His startled expression and his mumbled reply while he ducked back into his office made me put my ear to the door. I heard voices behind the door talking about how to get rid of the old lady outside who wanted the job.

Well I could do that - I tottered into the office and in an old lady's voice said I can get rid of that old lady and pulled off the coat, hat & wig, broke open the cane and dumped out a baton & broke out into a very loud cheerleading song.
The bloke’s mouths dropped open at my new costume of teeny tiny skirt & a slinky shiny bra top.
While they were picking their jaws up off the floor I quickly pulled on a suit skirt and jacket pulled the braid up into a bun and added glasses & innocently asked "Is that what you meant by versatile?" wearing a very cheeky grin. I then handed over my police check, gun & driver license, & a photo of me in my disguises & plopped myself down in the interview chair.

"We just have a couple of questions - what's your name & when can you start?" and as they say the rest is history. I had to sign on for a year and then agree to stay on another year - after all they were training me and paying me for it!
Then I was free to leave and start my own agency - in another town ofcourse.
So the master plan is to learn as much as I can & get as much experience as possible and then start up my own agency called "Off the Wall" - MirrorMirror at your service.

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