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I was once an young novice call Primrosephewt...
Now I looked around my house as I am now working from home.
I sighed to myself as my phone rang..
"Yes Inspector Grim.." I paused " I'll be there right away!"
I put the phone down slowly, well it was time to get to work I folded down my new black laptop and smiled.

I used my tools of trade to come this far, beeing a nosy reporter before ..I leart some of my tricks..

Grabbing my case and battered old college folder.. coat I rushed out and it was a moon lit night. However there were dark clouds coming..

I climbed in to my car soft top of couse not a Bmw couldn't afford one... Life is unfair....

I reach the crime scene and flash my badge he nods and I duck under.. the tape rattles sharply in the wind as ir starts to rain again...Great time to forget an umbrella...

But the day must go one...
I reached the crime scene...

I recognised Ivan and my dear friend DI Stone.....

It was time for me to get too work...using forsenic of course.
" Ugh crime never rest" I say...
ducking under the police tape which snapped back into place as I let it go... I shivered dispite the hot night as I looked up at the cold Grey flats, it was flat number 12.. on the second floor...
It was a complete tip someone one was looking for something..
then I saw his body cold on the floor....
I shivered again...being a detective the shock still sent a cold shiver down my spine...but this was my work....
Inspector Grim and Butch were used to it now...they hardly flinched...
I had always been working at home, I knew one day my skills from being a noisy reporter freelance of cause would come in handy.. I saw a lot of things and still had my notepad..
However, watching from a distance was not my thing..
So here I am now solving the crime..
I turn to my friend and then open my case.
Searching the whole place carefully inch by inch..
Time passed and clues build but unfortunatly so does the list of
My Client turns to me..
" Please you have to solve .. who killed my best friend?"
I glanced up and nodded.
Handprint, hair, capet fibre, blood everthing is important.. a footprint and a bloody shoe..
But who does it be long too..
I hope it wasn't my client and it's not phew!
Careful I check abli's first and then I found a match...
Jason Jackdaw was the once ...and the bloody footprint matched too .. Found the murder weapon too hidden in the shoe the small white statue..
Ah! Got you!

You must remember that you can't escape the long arm of the law!
Back in my house I opened my laptopt to do the report I was half way through when a rather to familar knocking came at my door..
"Enter..." I cried shutting up my laptopt.
A man entered... it was Gustav...
"....I need you to help Preston..."
He sounded worried and very pale....
" Hit me." I sighed....
I listening in horror as Gustav explained..
" You mean to say Preston is in danger?"
He nodded it was true.

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