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She walked up the path through the churchyard, approaching the vestry door. It was ajar, strange; Huw always left it unlocked for her, but the door shut. As she entered, she called out, so that he would know she had arrived for her lesson.
Huw held the post of Director of Music at a prestigious church. She had heard him play at a concert, and had known that he could teach her to play the organ well. Gold medal student of the Guildhall School of Music and a Fellow of the Royal College of Organists, he was the best around. She found him an exacting taskmaster but knew that he was pleased with her progress.
Silence reigned in the church; he had not answered her call. She moved through the vestry, feeling nervous and finding the silence oppressive. As she entered the church, she could see Huw’s jacket hung up by the organ. Approaching the console, she saw t Huws’ body slumped over the organ. He was seated, had probably been playing and had had a blow to the head. But blood was oozing onto the manuals….
Although she recoiled in horror at the sight, she touched his neck to feel for a pulse. Nothing – but her hand came away covered in blood. His head lolled to one side and she saw that his throat had been cut.
Suddenly realising that the killer could still be in the church, she ran back to the vestry door, fumbling for her ‘phone. Within minutes sirens screamed, down the road to the church and the place swarmed with police. An ambulance arrived but it was too late for Huw, she knew.
The police interviewed her, but despite extensive investigations never found the killer. She was determined that there would be justice for Huw; he did not deserve to die. She found the evidence linking his Assistant Organist to the crime and his motive – he wanted the post, but Huw had refused to retire. He was arrested and sent for trial.
Although music would always be her first love, the thirst for justice was upon her, so the Musical Detective was born!

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