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Fighting crime is a dirty business. Dr. Seldinger, the star of the medical examiners office, hadn't realized just how dirty until one day he was working a high profile case where a local sports star had been brutally murdered. The evidence indicated that the perpetrator had been a heavy-set, right-handed man with curly hair. The description fit the victim's cousin who had apparently been furious when the victim had forgotten his birthday. Right before he was about to report his findings two men in black suits approached him and offered him $ 50,000 to indicate that the culprit had been a slim, left-handed woman with straight hair, which would indicate the victim's wife. Dr. Seldinger refused of course. The two men even tried to charm and intimidate him into doing what they wanted. The good doctor knew all about manipulation and would not be swayed. Soon after he learned that the cousin had gotten off on a technicality and the same day he was fired from his job for stealing drugs from his workplace. The allegations were rubbish of course but there was nothing he could do. Noone would hire him again.
Dr. Seldinger had always believed that if life gave you lemons you should make lemonade. So after some research in to what was required to start a business as a private investigator, he set up a small office in a cellar in Doylesburgh. Initially ha hadn't really been able to afford it but thankfully he was able to negotiate a good deal. As it turned out Dr. Seldinger was as good a PI as he was a medical examiner.

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Research: 4 / 12
Necromancy: 2 / 2

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