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My grandad was a great newspaperman. Gilbert "Bud" Kane dedicated his life to wiping out the corruption that was widespread in our land. He soon made a name for himself, editing the biggest newspaper in town and exposing the rotten underbelly of the city's government. Sure, he was admired: folks say that, although Orson Welles based his classic film on William Randolph Hearst, it was Welles' good friend "Bud" Kane who gave the hero his moniker.

But Grandad paid bigtime for his crusade when, out of vengeance, the mob that ran this city gunned down the car driven by Bud's son David. Also in the car were David's wife and baby son, yours truly. By some miracle, I alone survived the terrible crash.

Grandad vowed to raise me and teach me the tricks of his trade so that together we could avenge my parents' deaths. Each day, I would make my way down to the paper after school where I would train under Grandad himself or work with his most trusted assistant editor, Abel Maldonado. I started as a copy boy but soon graduated to writing copy. My future seemed assured.

It came to a crashing halt one terrible day after my 17th birthday. I entered Grandad's office and found him slumped over his chair, an antique letter opener plunged into his chest. I held onto him for dear life, hearing his ragged breath slowly weaken. Suddenly, he grasped my arm with the fierce strength of a man unwilling to die. He brought his lips to my ear and whispered hoarsely, "Gideon.....beware.....traitor......"

I sobbed, "Who, Grandad? Who?" He grabbed the family bible that he always kept in the corner of his desk. He clutched it and started to wheeze. Was I wrong? Was Grandad....laughing?!?

"" He gave one final choke and died in my arms.

For weeks, I was inconsolable, and the matter was only made worse as the police declared my grandad's murder "unsolvable." Why were they giving up? Were they part of the corrupt machine my grandfather had sought to expose? I wasn't a religious man, but I read the book of Genesis over and over, seeking the answer to Grandad's dying words, determined to be the one to find and expose his killer.

A month later I strode into the office of the new editor, my former mentor Mr. Maldonado, and said quietly, "You killed my grandfather."

He looked at me with mild surprise and said, "Gideon, my boy, how can you say that?"

"My grandfather told me. He told me to look in the Bible, that Genesis had gotten it wrong. For in Genesis, Cain killed Abel, but here....."

Abel Maldonado's lips curled into a cruel smile. "You have no proof. Now get out of here before I have you killed."

Six weeks later, Abel Maldonado was gunned down outside a swanky restaurant, a victim of the very mob he had secretly worked for. Now my crusade for justice continues.

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