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Who is the killer?

Sima Stilton
Sima Stilton

John got shot at 3am, at his own house, where he lives with his own daughter. There are 3 suspects.
His daughter, Fiona.
His ex wife, Karen.
His friend, David.

Fiona said she was fast asleep, and didn't wake up until she heard the scary shot.
"I was terrified", she says, "I didn't know what to do at first. Then, I called the ambulance, and the police. I tried to wake my dad up too".

Karen said she was fast asleep too, and that she didn't know what happened 'till 6am, which is the time she got up.
"It hurt", she says, "Even though we are not married anymore... I think it's David. They always hated each other secretly, and we all know that David's a psychopath too".

David said he was at the bar at 3 am. And was trying to convince the police by telling the big fight that happened there. He knew about John's death after the news talked about it at 12 pm. However, John's death was not mentioned on the news.
"You just need to let go of people easily, we will all die one day, by one away or another", David said.

At the crime scene: no fingerprints, neither footprints were found there.

At Karen's place, the weapon that killed John was there, and there were no fingerprints on it.

At David's place: A lot of whiskey bottles were found there, with a letter from John that reads: "Can you please stop following me??".

When David was questioned about what Fiona's motive might be, he said: "Fiona always hated her parents. She thinks they are the reason her childhood was so tough".

Sima Stilton
Sima Stilton

..Fiona was questioned about what Karen's motive might be, She said: "He cheated on her with his female friend".
Karen says because he hated the victim, plus to being insane.

Dahlia Lawson
Dahlia Lawson

My gut instinct is Karen - Fiona specifically mentioned ringing the ambulance and the police, but never mentioned ringing Karen. So why did Karen know what happened at 6am?


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