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Last 2 cases have no Dead Body & no evidence at Crime Scene

Luna Tick
Luna Tick

For my last 2 cases an "error message" has appeared upon leaving the description to go to the Crime Scene and when I got there - there wasn't a dead body or ANY evidence.
I'm leaving for the day.


Copy of my message sent to the sleuth admin, let us see if he replies, not holding my breath though!

Dear Sir
I notice you are online every day, but suspect you have programmed this! You are not really online! If you had been you would have noticed the posts saying many players are losing standings through no fault of their own due to a bug in the game. I am sure you are taking the subscriptions as part of your income, so think you should also bed honour bound to rectify this bug. You never know more people might subscribe if you fixed problems in the game
Sincerely Dijar

Sima Stilton
Sima Stilton

Who is the admin??? By the way, your message is well written XD


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