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Anyone that actually plays in here?

Sima Stilton
Sima Stilton

I joined yesterday, and I'm starting to think that I'm late. And with the coronavirus thing, it's really becoming boring!! Most of the posts in the community section go to 2010, and if someone posted, they get no replies.

Side question: Is there any crime solving games that can be played online (without downloading)? Please I'm so bored.

Sima Stilton
Sima Stilton

I understand now why people don't visit this site anymore. The game is just so boring, doing the same investigations over and over, also there are some problems (sometimes there are no clues, and no body). I left this game for 2 weeks, never even thought about it. I might never return.
I know nobody cares but I'm just so bored I'll say whatever comes to my mind.


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