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Hello Everyone and Happy Day of the Beast (6-6-6 Day) ;)
Having played 170ish cases; I have a few questions that still have not resolved themselves, and no posting that I have read has asked/answered.
1. I have noticed a glitch when I head over to the Newspaper and use my research abilities. Sometimes, the print copy offers up a Suspect Motive by stating "Hammett Square and so", but when I check, the fact that the suspect is from Hammett Square is not noted. I then have to ask one of the town know-it-all characters for that suspects whereabouts, only to make official what I already knew. Please fix. Either change the wording of the Motive clue, or reward me with the Motive AND the Whereabouts clue the research offered up.
2. Especially early, when we are trying to build our careers, accumulating Skill Points are vital... MORE vital than money. But the game clearly states that if you choose this of the offered cases, you will receive XX much money; but no word of Skill Points. I have recently taken on my first "Very Hard" case, and when I solved it, I was given 0 skill points. The very next case, I chose to do a favour for one specific character, who happened to offer an "Easy" case. The easy case DID reward 1 Skill Point. Is there any way of setting it up so that one can know what to expect with Skill Points, as one does with Cash Rewards?
3. Is there no way to offer up a variety of challenge levels when offering the next case? Since taking the "easy" case above; five cases ago, every single case offered to me has been 'easy' or 'intermediate'. I am confident my accumulated Skills now make Easy and Intermediate cases less rewarding than before, and I feel stuck there right now.
A fan of the game!

Detective Lechat
Detective Lechat

Try this link. You'll find all the info you need and more. :-)


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