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Agency Rent

Tristan Noe
Tristan Noe


I haven't been in an agency, though I'm planning to have one once I've subscribed. However, I'm really baffled about the agency rent.

How does the system EXACTLY takes rent from the agency?

Say for example my agency is in a small office, does the system automatically takes away 250$ from my detective daily?
Or is there some sort of "agency bank" in which I (as the Director) have to deposit a certain amount of money so the system can take the rent?

One more thing... is it possible for a certain agency to be disbanded if it didn't pay rent? (Well, I have friends who wanted join my future agency. However, like me, they don't really have the time to play very often, so the rent might not be compensated daily or weekly.)

Thank you for the future responses!


There is a safe in the agency for agency members to deposit money and for directors to withdraw money. This is where the daily rent will be automatically deducted. If there is not enough money in the safe to cover the daily rent, then the agency will be disbanded.

Tristan Noe
Tristan Noe

I see... Things are clear now.

Thank you, SKYBURNER!


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