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Sleuth Admin
Sleuth Admin

Hello Sleuths!

We posted a small update today for your mystery solving pleasure:

First up, the indomitable Yeti Face add a new type of mission to help you gain favor with townies. I'll let you discover the details yourself, but these missions can show up randomly in any mystery. So get sleuthing.

Secondly, we have a elf in the workshop, who's now tinkering on game updates...

JDavC, is a long time player and has volunteered to build new content in Shades. His first update makes it so your detective now remembers anytime they figure out wether Intimidation or Charm works better on a given character (whether by Judge of Character, or by successfully manipulating someone).



hi! when i first got here, years ago, the code breaking skill was not in use. it still isn't...i think that it would be nice to either get it working again or just to eliminate the reference entirely...just to be tidy and have things make sense.


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