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Strategies for a Swift Case

Rye Neverdie
Rye Neverdie

I play Sleuth pretty casually. I have a few other detectives that I play as once I've reached the case limit on my main account.

Just a few strategies I religiously follow that might help newbies out:

1. Sweep the crime scene THOROUGHLY.
A couple times I've not checked the corners of the rooms thoroughly. Sometimes clues are hidden just due to layout. For example, the lamps will cover up a piece of evidence, and pieces of evidence also can be found on the edges of the bed. I had that happen with a footprint once and I almost missed it. If you don't end up retrieving everything, especially in difficult cases with little evidence, it can really delay landing your killer.
Also, take note that sometimes drawers have a back panel. In the upper right hand corner you will notice it has fallen apart a little bit. Remember to hover inside every drawer just in case!

2. Limit questions with your suspects. "Check Alibi" is essential, but not all suspects will necessarily have leads. Also, don't ask suspects for whereabouts. The receiving nurse, bartender, fact checker, and waiter can answer those. I usually ask one of those people first, and take turns with the other townies, because if you ask too many questions for one townie, they'll clam up and you never know if they'll need to validate an alibi later on. Once all of the townies clam up and I don't want to risk losing their respect, I'll ask a suspect.
Don't ask for motives unless you have a pretty good idea that you might have the right person. Having the research skill is helpful. You can use it at the police headquarters, the daily reporter's, and the hospital. Each has records for different reasons, so you might have to research at more than one place if you can't find any information.

3. Collect EVERYTHING for suspects with a false alibi. If you miss something in the crime scene and didn't collect a sample for it, you'll have to go back and retrieve it and that can take up a lot of your time.
I don't collect anything from people with valid alibis, it can get confusing when you wan


these are all solid pointers that should help newer players to do well. very thoughtful of you, rye!


just one question...what is the use of research skill?


with the research skill, you can go to the news papers, hospital or police office to research suspects. this will either give you the address or a motive for that suspect you select


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