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Candied Apples

Angela Meer
Angela Meer

I'm new to the game - why are there candied apples all of a sudden?

Detective Lechat
Detective Lechat

Alright, I found it out too. You find candied apples on a case, you go buy a string of sausage from the butcher for $22-$25, you go to the boarded up house and give the sausages to the dogs, after the dogs eat the sausage, they'll run off and you will see the scary lady, she smells like pumpkin and dried blood, you can then buy thing from her for a combination of candied apples, money, and experience points (but you need like loads of cash and apples to buy anything there). The candied apple don't show up in your gear but if you go to buy something it tells you how many you have.

Courtesy of Sherry T.


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