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I have a good standing with priest and unlocked bishop.Now mob boss and the mayor gives same type of cases like the bishop.So should i try to unlock
the mob boss or mayor?In that case my relationship with priest will go down.What should i do?After introducing to the the bishop is there any use of the priest character,will he introduce me to new people ?Please help me out.

Detective Lechat
Detective Lechat

How to increase standing with Mob Boss, Mayor & Bishop without losing standing:

Focus on first faction boss first ( in your case the Bishop), raise it to at least 155, then give documents to second minion for it to unlock second boss, then focus to raise second boss to 85 and give documents to third minion and focus to raise third boss to 50. Then you will have all 3 bosses at 50 standings, why 50 and not 40? Because these bosses sell special hat for your avatar if you have 50 standings with them.

^ ^ ^ Courtesy of Detective Joseph Chen.

The priest character will not introduce you to new townies.


Many Many Thanks to you for the help


This topic and answer should have been steady on top of the forum...

Dear Lechat, if you're still around, how did you learn what you wrote, only by experience? How long did it take? Or are you an admin?

Could anyone who doesn't know what you wrote, guess these numbers you gave?

Can we raise with another boss to 155 or near without losing the others?
Can we try maximum of each of them without turning back to the start?

What is the difference between the bosses, case types?

Do they all have equal power? In their or area or everywhere?

I'll appreciate if anyone answer my questions right.

And thanks Ghuntia for opening this topic, even if he doesn't play anymore.


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