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Unclear False Accusation

Tristan Noe
Tristan Noe

Greetings, fellow Sleuths.

Recently, I have falsely accused a suspect. But the problem is, it is not clear to me.

Here's the case:

-Very Hard
-killed by Blunt Trauma
Crime Scene Clues
-Threatening Note
-6 people
-Suspect #4 and Suspect#6 are the only ones having fake alibis.

Suspect #4 has one star, since his hair sample matched the clump of hair in the CS.
Suspect #6 has two stars, since her shoes matched the footprint found in the CS.

None of them matched the threatening note.
None of them possessed the weapon.

With the clues' test outcmes, and since the weapon is nowhere to be found in their houses, I accused Suspect #6.


I was surprised by the result of the case. My initial reaction was baffled. I thought, my accusation was correct, judging the fact that Suspect #6 has two stars, and no other clue matches whatsoever coming from the two fake-alibis suspects.

At present, my hunch is that, I should have asked other suspects for PROOFS regarding Suspect #4.

Please feel free to leave your respective comments or suggestions, as for me to avoid this kind of situation next time. Thank you.


Yes, you need to talk to other suspects to get their witness evidence against suspect #4 and #6 in order to see which one has 3 stars. Just because suspect #6 has 2 stars and suspect #4 has only 1 star from physical evidence does not guarantee that suspect #6 is the murderer.

Check out the following tutorial post to get some guidelines:

Tristan Noe
Tristan Noe

I see. I have read the guide. Thank you for the help.


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