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IH Yellow Note, Piano Bench's Empty - Please Help!


Hi All,

I'm about 500 games in. I am on an Incredibly Hard favor case. For the life of me, I can't find "Lecresia" (if that doesn't sound like a name used, it starts with an L), I found the key, but no name. I have asked all my people for leads, I have triple checked all the houses.

I do have two houses that have Pianos w/ benches. It was curious that both of these piano benches were empty. I emptied my cache, restarted my computer, but still nothing in the piano benches.

I also asked all my people about the two suspects that I can ask about (one has one star, the other has two stars) and there's 3 items that didn't match any of the suspects, including a lipstick. The person I'm missing is a woman and the other suspects are male.

I want to make sure that there's NO GLICHE I'm missing before I continue. I have about 22 hours left.

Thank you for any help or insight!



Hmmmm......yeah. It was behind the tree that was behind the statue. So Sorry for this message. Thank you.


that's okay, that's one of the hardest places to find them.


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