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Achievements with less than three stars evidence?


I'm new here, and among some of the things I was browsing while I couldn't complete more cases for the day (as I'm unsubscribed) was the achievement list. I found a good list provided by other detectives on another message board here, but it didn't address something - the changes made regarding needing three stars of evidence.

According to what I've gathered, you MUST have at least three stars of evidence and a fake alibi to convict. I (sort of) understand the "Out on a Limb" achievement - convict without knowing an alibi. Just because you don't "know" the alibi doesn't mean it wasn't fake, after all.

Yet there are three achievements listed which are specific to not meeting the three star evidence minimum. For other newbs who don't know them, I think they're the following:

On a Hunch (Solved case with only 2 Stars of Evidence)
Gut Instinct (Solved case with only 1 Star of Evidence)
Auto de fe (Solved case with No Evidence)

My question is this. Since it's my understanding that you can't successfully convict without three stars of evidence anymore (I read somewhere that it had been changed? Maybe I misunderstood), have these achievements changed as well? If not, are we actually still able to convict with less than three stars? Are we not penalized, provided that we're right?


You CAN accuse a suspect with less than 3 stars of evidence, but you have the risk that the suspect may not be the actual murderer so you may get a false accusation. On the other hand, you will not be penalized if you are right. In this case, you can unlock the achievements of On a Hunch, Gut Instinct or Auto de fe.


Thanks for the help! I guess I misinterpreted the thread to mean that you were practically guaranteed to get an FA if you even tried to go with less than three stars.

One other related question. Can some of the achievments only be obtained on/above certain difficulty levels? I solved an intermediate case with less than 12 hours to spare (on purpose), but I didn't get an achievement for it. I also solved an easy case with 8 stars of evidence, but got nothing besides a successful case.


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