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8/16 Shades Server Crash Info

Sleuth Admin
Sleuth Admin

So we had a pretty big server crash on Friday. The entire server instance disappeared completely off of our host's cloud (Amazon Web Services). I've never actually seen anything quite like it on AWS and it happened at a pretty tough time (we're on vacation right now and I didn't have everything I needed for a quick rebuild with me).

So, here's where we're at right now...

1) Chat isn't working right now. I'll try to fix this later tonight

2) Since this was such a hard crash, we had to restore from a daily backup. This means that anything done on 8/15 before the crash was lost. I'm very sorry about that. Let me know if you earned something important and I'll do my best to replace it.

3) I've extended all current subscriptions by 5 full days since there was such a long period when you couldn't play.

This is a fully rebuilt server, so let me know if you spot a new bug that wasn't happening before please.

Thanks all.


Detective Joseph Chen
Detective Joseph Chen


You mean its wrong for me to request for updates?


When I click "Join the Showdown!"

It shows "You cannot start while you have an active mystery. Quit or finish your current mystery before joining."

But the CASE page has nothing, is there any way to "Open" the current mystery? Thanks.


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