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Blocking Hunts


Looks like someone is up to their old tricks again..
Blocking TH with 2 agencies on the same hunt.
1 agency with 1 single member unsubbed, and 1 agency with 1 single member subbed.
WTF Joseph???? Is this your way to get someone to challenge? or are you just being a goof again?
Hmmmm.. which "detective" will you use next to block the next hunt? Maybe Rescue Rangers????????

Detective Joseph Chen
Detective Joseph Chen

I'm not blocking hunt(s). I started the hunt(s), so that my faction boss will get minus standings until I'm unable to buy rings, to challenge myself.

Any agency feel free to take the hunts. This is just a game. Just take it easy and enjoy.

Joseph Chen
Joseph Chen

Good job on taking The Order Of Socrates hunt, Rescue Rangers!

Now, are there any other agencies who would like to take the other 2 treasure hunts?


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