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ICY's SD Challenge


Hello All SOM Players,
I am hosting 2 prize/special showdowns during the Christmas holiday.
Showdown #1 Sat Dec 21st 2013 4AM server time(US Mountain Time)
Showdown #2 Sun Dec 22nd 2013 7AM Server Time(US Mountain Time)

1- Any SOM player with at least 5000 EXP(unsubbed or subscribed) is eligible to participate.
2- There must be at least 2 participants joined in showdown.
3- If there is no winner,ie: all players are disqualified/FA, then we will have another showdown the following hour to determine a winner, and repeat the process until we have a winner.
4- The rules will be the same for the 2nd showdown.

There will be a few different prizes to the winners and participants.
1- If any unsubbed player wins the 1st showdown, they will receive a 1 month free gift subscription to SOM, and a $ 50,000 bonus
2- If any subscribed player wins the 1st showdown, you have your choice of the following:
- 1 month free subscription added to your current account, if you do not want sub extended, you may also transfer gift sub to ANY other player.
- $ 150,000 bonus for your detective/ you can not transfer this to any other player(if you get bonus, you transfer $ on your own).
- a special item of my choice to help your detective.
3- If you win both showdowns, then I will award the following grand prize.
- you will receive a 2 month free gift sub(you may either claim for yourself or you can transfer to either 1 detective or transfer 1 sub each to 2 other detectives of your choosing.
- you will receive a $ 300,000 bonus
- a special item(s) of my choice, if I am able to award a Little Helper collection I will.
For the 2nd and 3rd place winners:
At this time, only subbed players who finish 2nd and 3rd will be able to receive a prize:
2nd place: Death Shroud Coat in perfect condition.
3rd Place Halloween Apple Peeler in perfect condition.

Detective Lechat
Detective Lechat

I wish you the best of luck on your special showdowns icy, I'm sure it will be a great success :-)


Thank You Lechat,
We had a good time and it was a nice turnout..


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