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ICY's SD Challenge


Hello All SOM Players,
I am hosting 2 prize/special showdowns during the Christmas holiday.
Showdown #1 Sat Dec 21st 2013 4AM server time(US Mountain Time)
Showdown #2 Sun Dec 22nd 2013 7AM Server Time(US Mountain Time)

1- Any SOM player with at least 5000 EXP(unsubbed or subscribed) is eligible to participate.
2- There must be at least 2 participants joined in showdown.
3- If there is no winner,ie: all players are disqualified/FA, then we will have another showdown the following hour to determine a winner, and repeat the process until we have a winner.
4- The rules will be the same for the 2nd showdown.

There will be a few different prizes to the winners and participants.
1- If any unsubbed player wins the 1st showdown, they will receive a 1 month free gift subscription to SOM, and a $ 50,000 bonus
2- If any subscribed player wins the 1st showdown, you have your choice of the following:
- 1 month free subscription added to your current account, if you do not want sub extended, you may also transfer gift sub to ANY other player.
- $ 150,000 bonus for your detective/ you can not transfer this to any other player(if you get bonus, you transfer $ on your own).
- a special item of my choice to help your detective.
3- If you win both showdowns, then I will award the following grand prize.
- you will receive a 2 month free gift sub(you may either claim for yourself or you can transfer to either 1 detective or transfer 1 sub each to 2 other detectives of your choosing.
- you will receive a $ 300,000 bonus
- a special item(s) of my choice, if I am able to award a Little Helper collection I will.
For the 2nd and 3rd place winners:
At this time, only subbed players who finish 2nd and 3rd will be able to receive a prize:
2nd place: Death Shroud Coat in perfect condition.
3rd Place Halloween Apple Peeler in perfect condition.


Thanks icy for organizing the sd challenges and for giving out the prizes.

Thanks also to other players who joined. I enjoyed the games a lot.


Thanks to ALL players who participated in the ICY SD Challenge.
I hope everyone enjoyed this event, due to the success of it, I will try to organize another special showdown on New Years Eve 12-31-2013.


wd Sky, so sorry I could not be there, busy with Christmas music. Congrats and thanks for organising the event, icy!

Really Red
Really Red

Great work ICY for this successful event....... and Congrats to all the participants and double congrats to the winners --- NICOLE & SKY.....
Hope we get many of such interesting events in future........


Thanks Jayne, and Red:

I will post my New Years Eve SD later today or by tomorrow. I will get input from the players on what time will work out for everyone.

Detective Lechat
Detective Lechat

I wish you the best of luck on your special showdowns icy, I'm sure it will be a great success :-)


Thank You Lechat,
We had a good time and it was a nice turnout..


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