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Cackling Crone (Special Showdown #3)

Detective Joseph Chen
Detective Joseph Chen

Hi all subscribers,

On the 13th December 2013, at 06:00 server time, I would like to organize a special showdown. The rules as follows:

1) Minimum 5 Participants
2) Subscribers Only

Winner(s) will either receive:

1) Orb Of Unusual Oppulence (Perfect Condition)


2) Death's Shroud (Excellent Condition)

And the rules for this would be if the first place choose an Orb, then the second place automatically gets the Shroud and if the first place chose the Shroud instead, then the second place automatically gets the Orb. However if there's less than 5 participants, then only ONE prize will be given out.


Even though I might not be there to participate or to watch, the special showdown will still go on and I will post the results here and the winner(s) will get their prize within the next 24 - 48 hours. ^_^

Detective Joseph Chen
Detective Joseph Chen

15 minutes till my 3rd special showdown. good luck to all participants.

Detective Joseph Chen
Detective Joseph Chen

Results for my 3rd special showdown:

Dec- 13 - 2013 06 : 00 : 01 - Stupendously Hard
Place Participant Real-Time Remaining Game-Time Finish Score
#1 SKYBURNER 13:09 Monday 08:00 PM 1439
#2 Really Red 02:22 Tuesday 06:00 AM 692
icaughtyou Disqualified

Congratulations to SKYBURNER for winning my 3rd and final special showdown. You won yourself an Excellent condition Death's Shroud.

As for the rest of the participants, please let me know here, whether you want a locket or scotch, okay?


I do not want anything Joseph, except for these showdown cases to stop sucking!


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