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Cackling Crone Collection (Special Showdown #2)

Detective Joseph Chen
Detective Joseph Chen

Hi all subscribers,

On the 11th December 2013, at 06:00 server time, I would like to organize a special showdown. The rules as follows:

1) Minimum 2 Participants
2) Subscribers Only
3) Participants mustn't have the Cackling Crone Collection Achievement

The winner will win one set of Cackling Crone Collection Items.

Also just in case if there's more than 8 participants (including myself), I'll be happy enough to reward the following as well:

1) Orb Of Unusual Oppulence (Perfect Condition)


2) Death's Shroud (Excellent Condition)

And the rules for this would be if the first place choose an Orb, then the second place automatically gets the Shroud and if the first place chose the Shroud instead, then the second place automatically gets the Orb.


Detective Joseph Chen
Detective Joseph Chen

Dec-11-2013 06:00 Special Showdown Result:

#1 SKYBURNER 13:22 Tuesday 12:00 AM 1437
#2 Really Red 11:01 Monday 07:00 PM 1346
#3 Mr.Mysteri 04:58 Wednesday 10:00 AM 593
justine credibe Disqualified

Congratulations to SKYBURNER again for winning my special showdown. Also congratulations to Really Red for achieving #2 place.

Since there's less than 8 participants, then the price would only be Cackling Crone Collection Items. If that is what SKYBURNER wants, then he'll be receiving 2 sets of Cackling Crone Collection Items from me. Kindly PM me when you want to collect them. ^_^


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