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Cackling Crone Collection (Special Showdown)

Detective Joseph Chen
Detective Joseph Chen

Hi all subscribers,

On the 8th December 2013, at 23:00 server time, I would like to organize a special showdown. The rules as follows:

1) Minimum 2 Participants
2) Subscribers Only
3) Participants mustn't have the Cackling Crone Collection Achievement

The winner will win one set of Cackling Crone Collection Items.

Detective Joseph Chen
Detective Joseph Chen

Special Showdown Results:

Place #1 (score: 1535)
Real-Time Remaining: 14:05
Game-Time: Monday 04:00 PM

Detective Joseph Chen
Place #2 (score: 721)
Real-Time Remaining: 05:11
Game-Time: Tuesday 08:00 PM

Since SKYBURNER already has all the items which I can offer, I will try my best to get the Christmas Collection Items for him. ^_^

Note: Ben, kindly remember to turn the Christmas Collection on this coming Christmas. Thanks.


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