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How to increase standing with Mob Boss, Mayor & Bishop without losing standing

Xiao Ming
Xiao Ming

Hi All,

Could anyone could guide me on how should I increase standing of with Mob Boss, Mayor & Bishop without losing the standing of the other 2?

Thanks in advance on the guidance.

Detective Joseph Chen
Detective Joseph Chen


If you intend to be part of an agency or start your own so that you can participate in treasure hunt, then its best to raise the standings of the faction boss that you've unlocked.

But if you do not wish to join any agency but would like to get more favor choice, then raise your first faction boss to 155 standings before you give documents to the second minion.


@joseph chen

thank you very much! I'm not interested in joining an agency yet, but I'll consider it once my stats have improved and I've solved more cases.

I'll try and raise my first faction boss to 155 then. Thanks again for your help! :)


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