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What is it DEAD in here?

Lucius Iroquois Plissken
Lucius Iroquois Plissken

I took two sabbaticals and have come back twice and now it seems the community is dying. I'm looking around at agencies and there's barely any credibility with so few people and so few held positions with limited distribution. And I dont know how the Mods/Admins are doing or how many people currently play because there has to be more than are listed in agencies of course. Wish they had a Live Public Tracker.

All in all, Noir always seemed deader yet people have stated it's more active when (I like it, but it's true) this version is better on so many levels.

I dont get it.

And I was part of a game that died once, I dont want to see it happen here. Are the premium battles/showdowns even still worth it? Is it active?


I've done some sleuthing of my own and I don't think Ben is working at Mindbloom anymore. He seems to have a new job. He's got two little kids and is probably dealing with transitioning to this new position. Maybe it's even a bit of a stressful time for him. Look, I never play the other game offered here, which I hear has moderation, and don't really socialize here either or have a group I'm esp. close with. But if there is anyone else who can communicate with Ben, maybe the people who really like the game can subscribe (I used to for a while) and even pay more to subscribe, to give Ben more financial incentive to work with the game again. If he took more interest, more and more people would subscribe and it might be a good thing for him. I would be willing to pay double the current subscription price if the game was kept up and had new content now and again. But I wouldn't pay anything if no one is running the game.

My other concern is that maybe he wrote this game as a college project or just a logic writing exercise, and now he's learned what he's needed to, he doesn't want to work with the game anymore. But as I've suggested before, he can turn it over to someone else who wants to take care of it, maybe sell it even, and everybody wins. I'm not a programmer or I'd make up a game like this or try to buy this one from Ben. It's a sharp little game and I hope Ben is proud of it enough not to just let it die.


actually on second thought this game couldn't make its creator hardly any money compared to what he must be earning in his i guess if he really has no time, we'll just have to play along as is until it bugs out!


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