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FA costs (by SSS)


Super Secret Squirrel
Oct-2-2013 14:48
Well it's not a question because the players have done a good job in the newbie questions.
I need everyone who has a False accusation to tell me their number,price,experience, negotiation skills,money it costs to the fixer and his standings with him.
Note: it's important to remember how many false accusations you cleared before
i will attempt to find the exact formula
PS: I need 50 of you to get the accurate result
if not,then each of you texts me how the cost has changed after every case

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Detective Joseph Chen
Detective Joseph Chen

Super Secret Squirrel
Super Secret Squirrel

guys, i'm a 4th year statistics student
I was trying to help

Detective Joseph Chen
Detective Joseph Chen


Don't get me wrong, I'm trying to help you too as I posted the previous discussion thread, with TJ Sweet's help, we managed to figure out how it was calculated and the result is yet to be confirm by Sleuth Admin. Things we can think off will only get up to 50 percent of the truth and without Sleuth Admin's confirmation, that's all we get, just the 50 percent.


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