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what's next to train?

foot kisser
foot kisser

Charm: 4 / 12 (+1)
Intimidation: 3 / 12
Judge of Character: 3 / 5
Lock Picking: 2 / 8
Hair Analysis: 1 / 3
Thread Analysis: 1 / 3
Handwriting Analysis: 1 / 3
Footprint Analysis: 1 / 3
Cosmetic Analysis: 1 / 3
Tobacco Analysis: 1 / 3
Negotiation: 1 / 6


Hello foot kisser, I think I would go for thread analysis..
that gives you another chance to see if you're looking for a male or female...
Cosmeetic and Tobacco allready points in those directions..
handwriting could be usefull too, because I think there are not many left-handed suspects in the cases..(not sure about that though).
Maybe others have other suggestions for you, but I hope this helpss a bit..


Research would be good, having research skill can help you find motive. When you work more difficult level cases, finding motive from suspects are harder to get. If you can get at least Research 3, then you can visit the police station, hospital, and daily monitor and click "research case" it will either give you motive or suspects address. Also collect those bank safe keys from fake alibis houses, then go to bank and enter the safe. You may get a document with the motive, or nothing at all. Hope this helps you too.


Yep, I forgot about research... That would be a good one to do next.


Research is good but I highly suggest you get some more charm and intimidation in your arsenal. Since skill points at your level come quickly, your best to arm yourself now.

YUP, you will see mention of gloves, rings, etc. but once you rise in experience you will get less and less skill points and you will need them when you get up there.

Bottom line, plan ahead.

Detective Joseph Chen
Detective Joseph Chen

Besides research, Necromancy is also a must to get.

With experience below 4M, recommended total Necromancy = 2


With experience above 4M, recommended total Necromancy = 6

Good Luck.


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