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Unhappy 4th of July


Well...looks like another holiday has arrived in SOM, and still no communication from the Sleuth Admin since 12/31/2012 to his loyal players who have been supporting the site...I am sure by now that most if not everybody is aware that Secret Squirrel quit/resigned his duties as an Admin to SOM( last post to any of us was 4/4/2013)...Too bad SS did not even show enough respect to the players in SOM, but did tell the people of NOIR that he left SOM..... Our Boards Mods are almost extinct(no offense to you Develin, you seem to be the only one left)... Many of the SOM players have STOPPED subscribing or letting subs run out and not renewing... I am going to assume that since we did NOT get anything for Easter this year, 4th Of July will be the same...
So many people have quit/left the game and not returned, some have been gone for the last several days and weeks and they too are becoming inactive slowly...Too bad our Creator has abandoned us now(seems to have a presence in NOIR from time to time) and the site/game is on auto pilot, yet the Sleuth Admin is shown to log in every day if you look at the detective page, but still he will not talk to us, we have ALL been left to figure it out ourselves..
Oh yeah the site was down again for a few hours the other day, and not a single acknowledgement from the Admin about it.....I am not speaking for anyone but myself, but too bad the game has become a sinking ship........with no Captain on board and all the deckhands have been swept overboard..

All of us who have subbed and supported the site are being let down...
I am not offering any solutions, as in the past SO MANY have tried to offer a change for the better, but only to fall on deaf ears. So why should I try??


i didn't major in computer gaming but i would guess this sort of game would not be too hard to write. if anyone out there has this kind of skill, you should write a similar game. i know i'd be happy to try it. just because this guy devised this game, probably in college, he is busy with work and family now, and it seems he doesn't have the time to keep it going. i'm sure it wouldn't be lucrative enough for him even if everyone subscribed. or he could sell the game to a programmer who was interested in keeping it fresh and building subscribers. that would be nice too.


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