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Hello Sleuth Admin (Ben)

Detective Joseph Chen
Detective Joseph Chen

From: Detective Joseph Chen
To: Sleuth Admin
Sent: May 15, 2013 - 19:51
Hello Ben,

After numerous tries to contact you and failed, what do you plan to do with SoM? If you don't want to create templates for players to add in stuffs for you, then the last resort is to make your coding as open source, that way, those interested and have the programming knowledge could help you with new contents. Do you have any idea how long you've kept us all in the dark? Isn't it time for you to step out and tell us something we eager to know? Kindly reply asap. Thanks.



Joseph, another option, if there are any programmers out there, they might be inspired to create other such detective games. i think ben has really hit it big with his new company and is just too busy to continue on this little project. if i were a programmer i would create a game like this myself. i imagine it wouldn't be too hard to do. i mean, you can even major in games development in college. a game like this would be a good project, even for a student. i wish i had the know-how but i don't. i do play hidden object games with beautiful graphics but i like this little logic game too. i think it has lots of potential to be expanded on. maybe a college intern could work on it for credit, if ben would allow it.

anyway, it was nice playing the game with you, det. chen!


(He didn't reply.) :)

It is a good attempt though.


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