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My final suggestions

Joseph Chen
Joseph Chen

My final suggestions are for the Admin (Mainly Sleuth Admin) to come up with templates for the following:

1) Different types of cases
2) Cases synopsis
3) Arch-Villian Hunt
4) Scripted Mysteries
5) Collection Items
6) New location in town
7) Townie Updates
8) Gift/Gloves/Gear/Coats Creator

And let subscribers access to these functions. Let subscribers help you (Sleuth Admin) to implement the game further by creating these things for you, then once a week or once a month, you can login, check out the things in queue waiting for your approval, then once you approved, straight-away it will be added into the game just like in Noir as a lot of players here are aware that in Noir, players can create the cases background story, create scripted mysteries & upload their own avatar. So if they can have it there in Noir, we want it here for SoM too.

Give it a thought and try your best to understand the feelings of the players here.

Detective Joseph Chen
Detective Joseph Chen





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