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Detective Joseph Chen
Detective Joseph Chen

Congratulations to Marilyn Kelvin for obtaining the first Gift Box - Blue. ^_^

Detective Joseph Chen
Detective Joseph Chen

ohh, my coat will probably last me until I reach my next experience achievement, that is 50,000,000 and on the side note, when I got it, if I were to sell it to the Pawn Broker, he's giving me $40,000 but no, I will not sell it. I'm sure your will either costs the same amount of money or cost nothing at all as usual practice, we are not supposed to sell such rare gear. ^_^

Probably its not random, maybe Secret_Squirrel only created one of each blue, yellow, red and green and once blue has been obtain by someone, there would be only 3 left. Such SUPER RARE gift box should appear all year long, not just Christmas but I think Admin is doing this round as a test round, see how well players get these SUPER RARE gift box. Why I say this is because:

1) First we have Halloween, then we have Easter.
2) First we have Easter Blue Strange Egg that hatches later on and then Halloween Trick Or Treat that turns out to be either a treat or trick.
3) Now we have a SUPER RARE gift box, then probably we'll have similar things for all year round, but I'm assuming if Admin didn't change the setting to when the gift box will reveal its gift to you and how often it drops, then probably not many will get it by the time its turn off, so logically, something else would come up for a whole year round thing which is similar to SUPER RARE gift box setting.

Marilynn Kelvin
Marilynn Kelvin

If it is rare then I wouldn't sell it either :). Yes, it would be nice to have something all year round, the odd surprise.
I'm starting to think maybe it's just the box that's unbreakable, not what's inside. Whenever it'll open...
Thanks for the insight Joseph, appreciate it.


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