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showdown cheaters...strikes again..


Looks like the showdown cheaters have tried again, 2 other competitors in showdown and one smailed the other the answer and THEY STILL GOT DISQUALIFIED!.. and then they kept popping in lobby asking who was the guilty??.. hahaha, better luck next time, thats what happens when you try to gang up on me in showdown....once again proved my point how cheaters in showdowns lose everytime!

Nov-21-2012 06:00:01 - Very Very Hard
Place Participant Real-Time Remaining Game-Time Finish Score
#1 icaughtyou 14:52 Monday 07:00 PM 1837
#2 jignesh rajesh solanki 13:53 Tuesday 09:00 PM 1518
Pete94 Disqualified

Detective Joseph Chen
Detective Joseph Chen

off-topic: I would like to support for showdown against computer opponent. So the case could be based on the player's xp itself.


Since it doesn't start flashing new mail while you're still in the case then whether someone smailed someone else probably wouldn't help them. Probably more annoying for Peta94 to get a "so-and-so dunnit" PM after timing out or quitting the case.


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