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Which is the most tough case you solved?

Detective Joseph Chen
Detective Joseph Chen

In this thread, let us discuss the most tough case that we have encountered and solved...

Me first, I know since I have level 2 in all analysis skills, if I get cases with at least 3 of the same PEs for at least 2 types of PEs, it would be tough for me to solve, but I think the most tough case that makes me think of quitting right after I searched the crime scene are the ones that has at least 3 handprints and above, which makes me think the money reward is not worth the bribing costs, but then a good detective would know how to save money from doing cases, because not all cases have 3 handprints and above. What about you?


Hi Det. Chen! I agree, it's hardest for me when there is a case with several of the same type of PE, esp. when that's the only PE there is. Then I just hope for good luck, like finding the murder weapon early or having witnesses quickly help establish proof, so I don't have to use up all my questions and perfumes and such ruling out multiple samples of hair or handwriting or whatnot.


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