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New Case Level Harder Than AI


This post is for serious players, subbed or unsubbed, so please keep this post on track with no off topic talk, and keep our comments polite and positive, let us not have any arguing, drama, or nasty comments about other players... This is my suggestion to any player(active) who has reached the Almost Impossible(AI) case level and wants to see a harder case level implemented into the game. I would greatly appreciate any and all feedback from the following players:
Joseph Chen
TJ Sweet
Mercey Less
and of course Admin, and Secret Squirrel.

All the above mentioned players(active) know, playing AI cases are very similar to the Ridiculously Hard(RH) cases with a few differences, I won't reveal to others what those differences are to keep the game interesting to those who have not achieved the AI level yet.
Here is my suggestion to make a harder level case above AI to make the game more challenging for all players..

I suggest a new case level called either "Totally Impossible"(TI) or called "Admin Special"(AS) cases.. Admin or Squirrel can choose the name. Here is how it could work:

We all know that the Bank President and Editor in Chief will unlock the SH,RH, and AI case levels depending on your EXP level.
I believe that SH is 100K, RH is 1M, and AI is 4M EXP(if i got SH wrong please correct me).
Once a player has reached 10,000,000 EXP and they have a minimum standing of 100+ with the Bank President and the Editor in Chief the new case level will unlock and give the TI or AS case level.
In solving a TI/AS case here is what we could receive:
10,240 EXP
$2800-3100 Reward
in favor cases the above EXP and $ would not change, however the standing points for the particular townie would be between 3-9 standing points for successfully completing the favor case, we would still of course have 3 favors per day(subbed) and 1 favor(unsubbed).
The standing bonus can be based on what the townie is currently at, once a townie has a standing of 80+ all favors for that townie would be a standing of only +3, any contact with a standing below 65 would

Detective Joseph Chen
Detective Joseph Chen

@Droid: Actually I'm not sure either, because Admin hardly reply, which are the ones they like and which are the ones they don't like and since they don't have a timetable on when to do what, I guess this thread is pretty much useless for now...but I'll definitely vote for harder cases just for myself, so that it doesn't spoil the fun for others.

TJ Sweet
TJ Sweet

Some of those suggestions you posted Joesph have come into the game most in different forms then suggested.

I guess the main frustration with many of of us (so called older players). The need and want for the SoM to be broaden with new content(none been done for over 2 years) excluding new items (rings, gloves and various handgear) to make it easier. Some have said maybe they just want us older players to go away, dont know about that.

But I have come to my own conclusion not to continue to throw money at the same old thing when no new change of substance been going on for so long.

I enjoy SoM but to want to continue to pay to play makes no sense, since I can do now (unsubbed) as I did when subbed. Not going to ask anyone to follow suit, that is up to each and every person who plays SoM.


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