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New Case Level Harder Than AI


This post is for serious players, subbed or unsubbed, so please keep this post on track with no off topic talk, and keep our comments polite and positive, let us not have any arguing, drama, or nasty comments about other players... This is my suggestion to any player(active) who has reached the Almost Impossible(AI) case level and wants to see a harder case level implemented into the game. I would greatly appreciate any and all feedback from the following players:
Joseph Chen
TJ Sweet
Mercey Less
and of course Admin, and Secret Squirrel.

All the above mentioned players(active) know, playing AI cases are very similar to the Ridiculously Hard(RH) cases with a few differences, I won't reveal to others what those differences are to keep the game interesting to those who have not achieved the AI level yet.
Here is my suggestion to make a harder level case above AI to make the game more challenging for all players..

I suggest a new case level called either "Totally Impossible"(TI) or called "Admin Special"(AS) cases.. Admin or Squirrel can choose the name. Here is how it could work:

We all know that the Bank President and Editor in Chief will unlock the SH,RH, and AI case levels depending on your EXP level.
I believe that SH is 100K, RH is 1M, and AI is 4M EXP(if i got SH wrong please correct me).
Once a player has reached 10,000,000 EXP and they have a minimum standing of 100+ with the Bank President and the Editor in Chief the new case level will unlock and give the TI or AS case level.
In solving a TI/AS case here is what we could receive:
10,240 EXP
$2800-3100 Reward
in favor cases the above EXP and $ would not change, however the standing points for the particular townie would be between 3-9 standing points for successfully completing the favor case, we would still of course have 3 favors per day(subbed) and 1 favor(unsubbed).
The standing bonus can be based on what the townie is currently at, once a townie has a standing of 80+ all favors for that townie would be a standing of only +3, any contact with a standing below 65 would


And that ICY is perfectly understandable. Sad, but understandable. I so wish that you could have been around at the time when Joseph had Zen Oracle and Isaac had Primatech and Azar had AIU, you would understand then.

Anyway, the sad truth is you are right. There is no longer, in SoM, the need for agencies because all of you all are about yourselves and that lends to no need for agency anything.

So, now that being said, what is the question who is and will remain or become the number one agency.

Obviously agencies now have to do hunts to obtain money or members have to pay rent which is pathetic in my opinion if an agency does a hunt.

Anyway, Ben and John, can you please try to find a way to make agencies what they once use to be. That truly is the sole and contributors of the game. People can want and wish for themselves but a true detective can not solve a case on their own so why should SoM be any different?


I think the agencies are great for those who do want to do TH , and possibly have their own inner agency events, one example of an agency who appears to have a little something going on is Rescue Rangers based on a recent post Chip stated about one of his agents winning their own agency competition, and they seem to be all working well together. I do know that many of the agencies truly enjoy the hunts and their own special challenges within themselves which is very nice and a good idea. The triathlon was another example of teamwork and challenge. it seemed that TTMD and FOUR MUSKETEERS did quite well i am sure you ALL enjoyed regardless of the winner was going to be at the start of it....You are very correct of people being for them selves here in SoM, and I will admit I am just as guilty of it myself. But dont take me wrong I still have a good time playing most of the time. seems that my skills are VERY lacking as an agency director, and I am not very skilled at alot of the agency stuff..

Detective Joseph Chen
Detective Joseph Chen I have thought, no one seems to like my suggestions because I'm all to myself? Well, for a change, I like Droid's idea of Admin's Revenge, because it will make cases harder.

@ICY: No, I didn't said that I like the Janitor, but I just thought after 3 years Code Breaking skills and Encoded Notes being removed from the game, its time to bring them back into the game.

@TJ: I agree with you, not many has unlocked AI cases, because its their choice whether to reach it in the first place. But I think its unfair for us to wait for the rest to reach it while sitting here with nothing to do. That seems a little cruel. Ohh man, wished I had not got so much experience in the first place so that I can easily let go of my spot to the next deserving player.

@Mercey: How did you know that I needed to ask 4 questions in my cases? lmao...I get the special gears, but I keep them in my private locker. I also get gifts from favors but I keep them in my agency locker. When running out of space, I will just pick a case to use the gifts or sell it for money.

Regarding personal gain, I would just like to share what I feel with the Admins and y'all here. As y'all know, I reached #1 since 3 years ago (nearly 4 years now), but that's not the point. The point is many of the great players left one by one, because somehow the game has forced them to quit or leave the game at certain point. For me, I still have the fire in me to learn more about the game. must be funny for a #1 to say that he still have things to learn about the game, but of course up to a certain point, my head always tell me to stop, because there's nothing new and my heart kept telling myself not to stop because this hobby game of Admin is not complete yet.

Y'all know its not easy to reach #1 in an online game. If you reached where I am, I'm sure y'all will have the same question playing with your mind... to continue or not to continue...


In accordance with my original post about being polite, positive, no arguing, drama, or nasty talk about others, and keeping the post as a friendly discussion about OUR ideas to improve game play I say this:

@ joseph, i meant my comment about the janitor in a nice manner, as i
thought i read somewhere in a post you said ago about liking the janitor because he offered the codebreaking. so i meant no disrespect in my comment earlier..... if i did say something wrong i apologize, as i been trying to make sure all my comments in this forum are per: what i stated at the beginning.


@ Joseph, WOW, never thought I would hear myself say this but welcome back. Really glad to see the old fire back ;)


Reintroducing code breaking/encrypted notes into higher level cases would certainly return some of the challenge, they added several hours game time so there was more chance of running out of time.

Detective Joseph Chen
Detective Joseph Chen

Suggestions made so far:

1) Apr 11 2010 (cjmcebdb): She hopes to see some secret passageways and maybe the game could be in 3-d, and players can actually talk to the suspects.

2) Apr 11 2010 (Myself):
a) I hope to see equipment locker and private locker separated between gears and gifts. Also hope inventory spaces can be increase. Can be increase to fit more with a price per spot (up to a certain numbers only).

b) Showdown against Computer Opponent, based on the level of the showdown case.

c) Necromancy should work by itself without the need for gifts or manipulation as the dead shouldn't clammed up. Code Breaking should decode the Encoded Notes directly without depending on faction minions.

d) Statues found in the crime scene doesn't give any new content, so it could give something new.

e) Agency Headquarter can be upgraded to include a Crime Lab, whether it is to analyse Handprints or any other types of evidence, once per person per case.

f) Having more physical evidence of the same type in higher level cases shouldn't affect lower experience players, so I'm the only one hoping to see more physical evidence of the same type in all my cases. Well Done, this seems to be implemented already.

g) Gifts that can be given to both male and female. Well Done, this seems to be implemented already. Gifts that can extend case time by 2 hours, 3 hours, 4 hours and 5 hours. Gifts that can be given to the case giver to allow players to accuse the killer while he/she is not at home. Gifts that can be given to the tailor to extend the durability of coats.

Also have a look here too:

Pawn Broker Suggestion by John Bear

Quick Poll on New Features by Sleuth Admin

Detective Joseph Chen
Detective Joseph Chen

4) Apr 13 2010 (RosieS): She like to see that when she spend a lot of money, that she can buy a cologne from the Tailor and a perfume from the Stylist, on the fly. Myself further suggest that those gifts requires certain standings and player's exp in order for the townies to sell them and each sold gift will cost a decrease in standings with townies.

5) Apr 14 2010 (ThorLoki): He hopes to have a variation on the cases, instead of just a murder case, how about a missing person case or a robbery case.

6) Apr 17 2010 (Darcoth): He hopes to have an option added to the locksmith that allows players to match the key he has to a key on the file and then he can get the name of the person or maybe their location. This service would be offered at some price and possibly need some lock picking skill level to access it.

7) Apr 19 2010 (Sister MM): She would love to go to the pawn shop and trade a girl gift for a boy gift. Or put a girl/boy gift in hock and then pay to get it out later when she need it.

8) Apr 22 2010 (Isaac Mendez): He hopes to have 1 general chat on the homepage, instead of all separate ones in the town.

9) May 8 2010 (Belami): She suggests that the killer could be killed by someone else and she can use the clues from the first victim to see if it matches second victim. She also suggested that Necromancy should work by itself and to bring back the corrected Code Breaking and Encoded Notes. Also hoping the piano will play when clicked on it.

Detective Joseph Chen
Detective Joseph Chen

10) May 9 2010 (Mr.Harold): He hopes that Admin add new causes of death, ex. strangling, poisoning, fall to death. Myself further suggested that these new causes of death needs new murder weapon, the rope, poison and so on.

11) May 18 2010 (cjmcebdb): She hopes Admin could make a new item (hat preferably) that will allow her to go into the houses of the suspects without lock picking and this hat is only available through winning showdown and can be use a certain number of times, then it will expire. Myself further suggested that if this hat offer something else like instead of getting 1 question for using the wrong manipulation, the player gets 2 questions and for using the right manipulation, the player gets 3 questions.

12) May 18 2010 (thesuperdetective546): He hopes to see arch villians in SoM just like Noir.

13) May 25 2010 (cjmcebdb): She hopes to see scripted mysteries.

14) May 25 2010 (Myself): I further suggested that not only those who have unlocked AI level can do AVH.

15) Jun 23 2010 (4f): He said that Admin should create a new skill and a new place. A scientist lab perhaps, whereby detectives can go there to sleep, to analyze evidence or spin the wheel of truth. For example, detectives can type in and ask " Will I find a signed note / key in the person house?"But detectives are not allowed to ask silly questions, not even asking who the murderer is. If the arrow points to 1 percent, most likely not possible, if it points to 50 percent, there might be a possibility, if it points to 80 percent, most likely possible and if points to 100 percent, defintely possible/ confirmed.
It can be used to tell a person's alibi when the person is not at home.

Detective Joseph Chen
Detective Joseph Chen

16) Jun 27 2010 (Myself): I suggested from Noir, if players did the 3 parts of a scripted mysteries, the player gets either a travel kit or a half price of paying FA, maybe SoM should have that too. Further suggesting Admin to allow players to create scripted mysteries. And the reward for getting those achievements is to give the players a chance to write a scripted mysteries based on the level of the achievements, hence if a player achieve 1M xp achievement, then he/she can contribute 1 RH scripted mystery.

17) Jun 27 2010 (Myself): In case file tab, it doesn't show the results for Judge Of Character used on the suspect. and after using the well said manipulation, it doesn't show in case file tab, how many more question left will the suspect answer before clamming up again. Logically, I think suspects and townies shouldn't be able to be manipulated more than once, so that the cases becomes harder as player does harder cases.

18) Jul 15 2010 (Myself): Pawn Broker suggestion:

1) Add this townie as TH townie.
2) Allow a function of this townie to "Trade documents for gift" based on standings:
0 - 14 Cannot Trade
15 - 39 Can trade 20 documents for 1 gift (either male/female)
40 above Can trade 15 documents for 1 gift (either male/female)

With each trade, the standings of this townie will drop:
40 above Drop by 3
15 - 39 Drop by 2

This will allow players to get a chance to obtain gifts but also not to allow too many trades each day, so players can only make 1 trade a day (while not doing a case).

(continue later...)


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