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New Case Level Harder Than AI


This post is for serious players, subbed or unsubbed, so please keep this post on track with no off topic talk, and keep our comments polite and positive, let us not have any arguing, drama, or nasty comments about other players... This is my suggestion to any player(active) who has reached the Almost Impossible(AI) case level and wants to see a harder case level implemented into the game. I would greatly appreciate any and all feedback from the following players:
Joseph Chen
TJ Sweet
Mercey Less
and of course Admin, and Secret Squirrel.

All the above mentioned players(active) know, playing AI cases are very similar to the Ridiculously Hard(RH) cases with a few differences, I won't reveal to others what those differences are to keep the game interesting to those who have not achieved the AI level yet.
Here is my suggestion to make a harder level case above AI to make the game more challenging for all players..

I suggest a new case level called either "Totally Impossible"(TI) or called "Admin Special"(AS) cases.. Admin or Squirrel can choose the name. Here is how it could work:

We all know that the Bank President and Editor in Chief will unlock the SH,RH, and AI case levels depending on your EXP level.
I believe that SH is 100K, RH is 1M, and AI is 4M EXP(if i got SH wrong please correct me).
Once a player has reached 10,000,000 EXP and they have a minimum standing of 100+ with the Bank President and the Editor in Chief the new case level will unlock and give the TI or AS case level.
In solving a TI/AS case here is what we could receive:
10,240 EXP
$2800-3100 Reward
in favor cases the above EXP and $ would not change, however the standing points for the particular townie would be between 3-9 standing points for successfully completing the favor case, we would still of course have 3 favors per day(subbed) and 1 favor(unsubbed).
The standing bonus can be based on what the townie is currently at, once a townie has a standing of 80+ all favors for that townie would be a standing of only +3, any contact with a standing below 65 would


receive the normal standings we currently have in play. This case level would be for ALL cases and not just favor cases. It would be nice if we could implement this into the game, as many who have played the AI cases would probably agree that they become stale as RH did. Also if this was in play, we might see more players try to reach the 4,000,000 EXP and then try to achieve the 10,000,000 EXP level. It would bring a new challenge to the game and I think it would be interesting to see just how hard the admin can make the game. This is just a suggestion as I did discuss this with a few other players already. I think we should discuss it here, and be open minded to other suggestions from other players, as some may have a better suggestion, but this is how we start to talk about it..


I am also asking in advance that the board mods, squirrel, and admin delete any responses that are not appropriate for this post, this includes newbie questions, detective agency recruiting, or people who want to post the standard "hi" replies, as there are proper places in the message boards for those comments, this post and replies should be directed towards this game suggestion.

Detective Joseph Chen
Detective Joseph Chen

We all know that Code Breaking skills and Encoded Notes were once implemented into the game, but later on taken out because the skill itself can be overridden. If Admin could add them back in with a little tweak, then it would be greatly appreciated. What I have in mind is Code Breaking skills should not tell which one of the three minions that can decode the encoded note, instead it should decode the note directly and faction minions should not be allowed to decode the encoded notes. Since Admin already pre-warned everyone to keep skill points before Necromancy and Code Breaking introduced, I'm sure adding Encoded Notes back in will not make any difference.

Admin can add some twist depending on who the player get the case from, this case giver will let the player know where to find the encoded note(s) when we do a Research at their office, but if the player forget from who he/she picked up the case from, then he/she will need do research at all his/her case givers office. To add more fun, the bank safe of the suspects can also have 50 percent chance to reveal one of the encoded note location.

Another idea since suspect(s) can be murdered as well, I think they have the rights to go into hiding and with that, Admin can add some twists into the game, whether to make use of the 3 faction minions (add one more button - Locate hiding suspect) whereby depending on the case level, there could be a max of 3 suspects that goes into hiding.



Well ICY since I am one of the invited ones I will comment. Admin has already, through the years, made cases more difficult through shortening time, adding trap doors with no notice and various other things.

Making another case level would be ok but it still doesn't change anything. We will all overcome that as we always do. Yes, getting to the harder cases is time consuming and tedious and that is what makes it difficult and honestly I think that time in grade is something that also needs taken into consideration.

I believe that in all fairness that if we undertake new changes they should be in the way of new characters, new TH challenges, or anything on this lines so everyone in the SoM world can reap the rewards.

I say this because with the introduction of the coats, rings, and gloves, this negated all that us older players achieved when we didn't have these items to use. Yes, must move forward but there really should be a time in grade before being allotted a way to skip over what everyone else had to do.

I like your passion but lets think about SoM as a whole and not just personal gain. I for one would like to see these Arch Villan hunts or a hidden city to find rather than trying to reach 10 Million which btw is nothing.

Just my humble opinion as a long time player who loves the game and awaits whatever Ben and John decides to do.

Detective Joseph Chen
Detective Joseph Chen

Currently, Bank Safe Key only serves the purpose of an additional chance to reveal the motive of suspect and special information to unlock harder cases (for those who haven't unlock SH cases) through the Bank Safe, maybe it should also reveal different clues in favor cases such as the following:

a) Clues to how players can upgrade a certain numbers of skeleton keys into a master skeleton key.

b) Clues to how players can unlock different types of cases.

c) Clues to how players can increase the durability of certain gear.

d) Clues to how players can improve the effectiveness of certain skills for a certain number of cases.

and much much more....


@ Mercey, and Joseph,
I posted this suggestion because I thought it would be nice to take the staleness out of the AI cases, but I am down for whatever new or old things are in the game, I don't mean any complaints about the difficulty level, just thought maybe it could be more interesting to have a more harder level, and that maybe if there was a harder level we could see more die hard players try to achieve that level. it was just a suggestion, if it is not possible or people think it is not worth it, then at least I took a shot at it...

Detective Joseph Chen
Detective Joseph Chen

@icaughtyou: Actually I sent lots of suggestions to Admin through PM but after searching my sleuth mail for half an hour, I couldn't locate them and I'm very forgetful regarding the suggestions that I mentioned to them before and usually would suggest again to them which makes it possible for them to ignore my suggestions because the suggestions already being mentioned before. sorry if you don't like my suggestions above.

@Admin: Is there a way that you can forward back all my suggestions to me through sleuth mail, so that I can re-organize what I have suggested before and what I haven't suggested before.

I think no one likes my I still think its best for Admin to make the cases harder for myself so that it doesn't affect everybody else (the one which I requested for multiple PEs of the same type in all my cases).


no worries joseph, i just wanted to express my opinion on trying to improve the game, this post is and was an open forum for the top tier players to say what they thought about the suggestions they also have, so I have no problems with what are going to be said.. we ALL have our own thoughts and ideas on this game and we should be able to share them with others regardless of the idea, when people come together and share it makes it easier to discuss ideas..


@ Joseph,
I also like your idea about the admin making cases harder for specific players, I think I too would enjoy if the admin could make my cases more difficult and not affect others in the game, it would possibly make me work a bit harder on the cases so I would not become bored with the current difficulty level I am doing.. of course I can see a bunch more quits in my future if this happens.. sometimes these cases can be brutal to get through as others would probably agree..


Admin's revenge...

The same as RH cases but it treats it as if you have no standings with anyone and wearable items don't work. They are doable since it's pretty much what I have to do with Doc as his standings suck but it's harder than AI for a regular player who has more than 15 standing with each townie.


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