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Eliza Davis
Eliza Davis

How do you get challenge points? I'm still fairly early in the game, I guess (VH is the hardest level of case I'm offered), so I don't know if this is just something that'll turn up later or not...


Detective Joseph Chen
Detective Joseph Chen

Challenge points are earned through:

a) Showdowns (Check out help section under Sleuth Showdown)

b) Treasure Hunts (Check out help section under Treasure Hunt FAQ)

c) Complete Collection (Currently there's 2 available)
- Philatelist (Available at all season)
- Cackling Cronie (Available only during Halloween)

NOTE: Under c, once you completed the collection, you won't be able to trade in another complete collection for the same achievement.

Good luck.

Eliza Davis
Eliza Davis

Ahh, no wonder I haven't heard of them then...I wasn't aware of the Showdowns and can't do them until I have more experience, and I'm not a subscriber so treasure hunts are it goes! Back to collecting stamps. =) Thanks for the help!

Detective Joseph Chen
Detective Joseph Chen

You're welcome.


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