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Favour Rewards and Candied Apples


I'm aware that there is already a thread for candied apples, but there are still unanswered questions...
Why don't the candied apples show up in my inventory? If I'm meant to exchange them for skills, then whom do I approach and how do I reach that person/institution? And on exactly what date can I exchange my candied apples for skills?

About gifts received from doing favours...

I've currently got a scarecrow hat and a silk tie...

a) What exactly is meant by durability of an item?
b) How am I supposed to use these items and why can I only use them a number of times? Does that mean I wear my tie, remove it, then wear it again... Please explain this.
c)Does the monetary value of a gift decrease with the no. of uses? Currently they're approx 800$ each...

Detective Joseph Chen
Detective Joseph Chen

It shows up in your missions section. There's a difference between real gifts and collectibles where gifts has a minimum of 1 bonus question while collectibles usually have 0 bonus question, besides that, collectibles also have 10 uses available.

Its not exactly exchanging the apples for skills, but exchanging them for something that gives you a bonus skill. when you have at least 25 apples, you can exchange the apples for an item at the cackling crone shop in hammet square. How to reach it? Just visit the boarded up house and read the information, there should be a connection between it and what you should be doing. No specific date, but when there's at least 1 or 2 weeks left, Admin will post on board, the last date for exchange.

Durability is how long the item can last. Its best for you to note down the cases number in which you started using these items and by the time the condition of the item dropped to "Almost Gone" and finally the item will disappear, then you will know how long exactly these items can last. Yes, so far, there isn't a gift that can last forever, so that's why you can only use them a number of times. Just for example, when you do an Intermediate favor, you might get one of the following gift:

a) A Silk Tie
b) A Flower
c) A Bag of Gold Fish

On logic thinking, you can't give a tie to 2 person simultaneously, so its only a one time use, so is the same with the flower, however, in the bag of gold fish, there's 3 gold fishes, so you can separately gave them to 3 different townie/suspect for them to answer you one bonus question.

I'm not sure about collectibles, but yes, as long as the gifts or items has been used before, the selling price definitely won't be the same as its original selling price and this is also affected by Negotiation skill.

Good Luck with the collection.


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