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no yellow notes/no leads again!!!!


this game has issues!!!! I have had to quit another favor case due to NO yellow notes or leads.. I have been to 4 suspects houses and the crime scene more than a few times, and yet no other new suspects, and all 4 were real alibis..... This is the 3rd or 4th time I had to quit a favor case because of this. There are so many issues with this game, and I know i am not the only one to have this issue!!(and yes I know how to use the TAB key to find evidence).


Sometimes a yellow note may be hidden by another object so you may not be able to see it. You can try to locate it by using the Tab key


So I'm having this problem now. Just so you know - the link leads to a page that says "Geocities is now closed" THEN automatically plays the Rick Ashtley video "Never Going To Give You Up." So:

1. I'm going to have this song playing in my head forever now.
2. I like the song so I can't close it. (LOL)
3. I AM having a problem finding the yellow note in an incredibly hard favor case. I have a suspect with a key but no name. I have two houses with piano benches, both were empty. I emptied my cache, restarted my computer, benches still empty. I triple checked all the houses, I asked my people for leads, about the suspects, I have about three items that don't match my current suspects with one being lipstick and my suspects at hand are male. The one I'm looking for is a female.



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