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Pay the Fixer after 1 FA or 2?




I am admittedly not a quitter, it's been battered into my head since early childhood that quitting is BAD, etc.

I'm learning to change my ways though (at least as far as Sleuthing is concerned...) that "quit case" button doesn't look nearly as shameful now!

My question(s): Is it better (more economical) to pay the Fixer to clear your name after you've got 1 FA, or should you just leave it be? If (by some queer bizarre rare freak occurence) you get a 2nd FA, would it make more sense to pay up then? does the price change? double? go up exponentially?

Just a few things I've been wondering about. I don't like that '1' by my FA, but is it better to just leave it for now?

Detective Lechat
Detective Lechat

@ Glenda, SM sent.


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