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It had been a while since i had taken a break from work. The weather was fine and just as i was about to head out for a walk the phone rang. I almost decided to leave it be when i was taken over by that strange feeling i had every time before a hard case.
Leaving my bag on the chair i approached the phone and picked up.
"Hi. How may i help you?"
"This is Clother Mayfield. I need your help!"
"Calm down. Tell me what the problem is."
" husband was killed last night. I don't know by who. Please! You have to help me. "
After those words i wrote down her address and looked out the window. Crime never took a break and neither did I...

Abreeana Jones
Abreeana Jones

I headed over her house and Clother was so upset it took almost 30 minutes before I could even get her to answer any questions.
"Did your husband have any enemies?" I asked.
"No, my husband Jack had a lot of friends and loved by everyone" she said.
I thought well someone must have had a problem if he was murdered.
"How did he die Mrs. Mayfield?"
"Thats the thing, I was out with friends and when I came home I found him. But there were no gunshot wounds, stab wounds or blunt truma so I think he was poisoned."
She also said that Jack and his best friend had had an arguement earlier that day. So I got his address and went to his house.....


John Stanfort was a short man in his thirties. When he opened the door he was holding a pipe in his mouth and seemed to be without a care in the world. However his expression changed when i told him the reason for my visit.
"Hmm... i hadn't seen him lately but a few days i got a call from him. He didn't sound like himself. When i asked about it he said he had received a strange job and was having some trouble with it."
"Did he say from who it was or what this job was?"
"No he didn't..."
"Do you happen to know who might want to harm Jack?"
"None as far as i know. He was a very nice person. However you might want to talk to his colleague... I think Jim was the name. "
"Ok just one more thing. What were you doing yesterday around 3PM?"
"At that time i was at work in the Newspaper agency."
"I see thank you very much for your cooperation. Please let me know if you remember anything else which may be connected to the case. Here's my card."
As i was walking down the street i felt that this case had something more to it than met the eye. When I turned the corner I noticed the eyes which were following me. A man wearing a long black coat and dark sunglasses. The mist thickened...

Abreeana Jones
Abreeana Jones

So I hurried back to the police station to go over my clues. But I just couldn't get the thought of the man out of my head. As I looked up there stood the man that was following me. He said his name was Eric Stevens and he thought he knew something that could help with the case.
"John Stanfort is the person you need to be looking into." He said.
"Why? I said. He said that he was working during the murder and he is popular around town, so why would he want to hurt his friend?"
Then Eric said "Detective, you are smart but I never said John killed him, I'm just saying that he should be watched because he may not have killed him be I can asure you that he is happy Jack is dead."
Once Eric left I just sat there thinking about what he said, then......


it hit me.
I went to my close friend Cassidy who was also a police officer. We chatted for a while and i got all the information I needed. Cases like this one had happened before. People which at first glance seem to not have any enemies turn up dead in strange circumstances. It was not just a simple murder- it was done by a profecional. A gun... in this case poison for hire. The only facts known to the police were that the murderer had no connection to the victims and was probably a woman. the last conclusion was drawn from the choice of weapon and could not really be counted on but was still a possibility.
As i was going over these facts in my head i suddenly realized what the next step to take was. There was only one place for gathering data on such shady characters- the bar Tricky Mister...

Abreeana Jones
Abreeana Jones

The only problem and advantage of Tricky Mister was that everyone knew everyone. It was great because I knew that I could get a lot of information from the bar but at the same time if someone heard about this case and spread it around town it would make my job 10 times worst.

When I walked in everyone looked at me and started whispering. They knew something was up but I had to keep my cool and focus. I walked on to the bartender Gustav and asked him to talk in private. He started by saying.........

Funky Town
Funky Town

"A few days ago I remember Clother stopping in. She looked like she came from a bad of work at work, so I offered her one of my best drinks. I started talking to some other people at the bar, and when I looked back at her direction, and saw she was talking to a man. She seemed like she knew him. They both seemed a little tipsy, but still pretty normal. An hour later, after a few more drinks, they were laughing it up, and having a great time. I could have sworn that Clother was married to Jack, but thought that maybe there was a falling out or something... Anyway, I didn't know the situation so I didn't say anything. Later, I saw them leave together, with that look on their faces that something was going to happen that night."
"Do you know what this guy looked like?"
"Yes, he was short. And smoked a pipe."
"Do you know how old he might have been?"
"In his thirties."

This meeting definitely helped. I knew exactly who this man was.

Christopher Chan
Christopher Chan

I had a suspect with 9stars and a fake alibi! thats a new one for me :)


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