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I thought that this would be a good time to establish the rules of Th's. As I am told by one source, if a TH is opened, they should be allowed to go to bed and the hunt will still be there. Hmmm guess that didn't matter when the person went to work.

On the other hand, PIC is always cleaning up hunts that are accidentlly opened and that is perfectly fine (JB this is not at you)

My partner said today that he thought that hunts were jumped because they are suppose to be not because you like or dislike someone and he is right.

Since TH's are the only way to gain CP;s except SD's then I think that the REAL RULES of TH's should be posted and known. If that means agencies getting their toes stepped on so be it. Just because PIC is #1 does not mean that we can not be challenged and we welcome it.

So that being said:

Rules of TH's are easy:

Open, do and win

I think maybe we all ought to try to play the game as Ben intended than how WE WOULD LIKE the game played.

So I invite the Directors of active agencies to post their comments.

PIC could and will dominate all hunts just like SD's are dominated but we don't want to do that. How about we work together after all, doing most SDs and winning are two different things. Doing most hunts and winning are the same thing.


In other words, please look at posting by Abruun, he puts it most succinctly


Well since that is a two year old pm being sent around who is to say but...

I still wonder why the issue of a coordinated challenge hunt keeps being over ridden by something that someone said either by pm or in SD lobby.

Sticks and stones......but glory lasts forever right?

TJ Sweet
TJ Sweet

Anytakers ????? offer still out there

Nikki Nicholls
Nikki Nicholls



Squirrelly I feel for ya, man.


no takers but taken giggles (giggles was for you Squirrelly) You know what I mean :D


Sorry id and rd, shouldn't have said that. WD Renegades


In Noir recently one agency won 3 hunts in one day. Which is pretty hard to do considering one favour from one townie is generated per agent member.

TJ Sweet
TJ Sweet

Thanks Mercey. Even through it was not a prearranged TH challenge. (seems others rather talk a game). Still gets your heart beat up for a challenge either way.

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(link to see all Treasure Hunts completed can be seen on main "Community" page Link on right side under current hunts available list.)


I had this question posed to me:

is it possible for the game to automatically split the reward money and challenge point(s) to each of the agents that complete the steps in treasure hunt, because in order to achieve the goal for money achievement, besides doing cases, treasure hunts is the best way, but what if the Director forget to distribute the reward money? and still, it won't be fair to those agents that put their standings in line for hunts in order to earn challenge points as well, instead those agents who sit there idle also get those challenge points for doing nothing.

Now just ignore who or who may not have asked me this challenging question and stick to the point in case kids...

Because I thought I'd share my answer, coz to me it is really really clear in my head...

For better or worse as an Agency you participate in Treasure Hunts 'together' as a collective, not as a band of disparate individuals... is this where I say 'we are the borg?'

I can't see this as being any clearer.

Some members of an Agency will do a 'lot' and some will do a 'little'.

Some directors will use the money to prop up other agents false accusations, or buy gear for their agents, or share it out amongst those who participated, others will keep it all and swim in it like Scrooge McDuck!!

I don't get it... well actually I think I really do...

Don't like the way your Director (s) run the Agency - leave.

Don't like the way some of your minions are pulling their weight? Ask them to play harder (if you are a hard core agency) or boot them (harsh but, that's Treasure Hunt game for you)

^ Long Question, Long Answer.

Short Answer > suck it up, how it is, is how it is.

:D J

TJ Sweet
TJ Sweet

Your thinking seems clear to me John.

Some Directors/Agencies (not saying how each is) divide up the TH reward (how I am sure differ)

I have seen it posted about the CPs being given to those in agencies that dont participate in TH (maybe they are inactive) Well plan and simple up to the Director of that agency to make that call. Not others. (take John's advice above)

But along that line maybe restructure what is given for TH. Things for agency that is better for all in agency. One thought if your in an agency one reward or accumulated of Agency points (given from THs) Can get a lab, can go there to analyse PE no charge like flop house. Lab can be upgraded (purchased) to speed up analyzes. Good for all members in that agency.

Think more can be done for Agencies that are not available to others unless in an agency.


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