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Is there any special advantage over giving documents to one particular person? Because La Costra Nota or whatever has been called shadowy so is it better to give to the other group? Just wondering.

Detective Joseph Chen
Detective Joseph Chen

Realtor (Negotiation Gloves) - Mob Boss (Intimidation Ring)
Priest (Judge Of Character Gloves) - Bishop (Research Ring)
Socialite (Cosmetic Analysis Ring) - Mayor (Charm Ring)

While you need at least 15 standings to be able to buy gloves, you need at least 40 standings to be able to buy rings. A lot of peoples will suggest that you unlock either the realtor or socialite first, so that you can get access to the manipulation rings, but its really up to you. Just take note that you shouldn't depends too much on those rings.

Good Luck. ^_^


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